Introducing Lookii

Mobile users flow analysis for indoor location marketing.

Proximity marketing

Indoor location marketing has dramatically grown. Shops need to promote their products as well as to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the same area. Retailers need to direct towards their stores people flows that transit everyday in malls.

Reach your customers

Reaching your customers can be very expensive, little ecological and effective: let's think about the leaflets distributed at the entrance of every malls. Lookii is capable to collect and analyse users flow and their habits without compromising user privacy.

Improve your offer

Computer analytics will be offered as a service to retailers, individual shops, fairs and organisations that can use them to improve their commercial offers, craft special deals for targeted users or refine the overall user experience within the shop.

Do you know your customers?

Promote your products and differentiate your activity from other competitors in the same area.

Host Anywhere

Thanks to its SaaS approach, Lookii can be integrated almost anywhere. Either you use a cloud infrastructure or a private hosted server, Lookii can communicate with your infrastructure.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just drop the SDK into your project, configure the right endpoints and you will start receiving analytics from your customers.


Multi platform

Thanks to its modular nature, our SDK is shipped as a library, both for iOS and Android. It works with almost every beacon hardware present on the market. 

Scalable Solution

No matter how small or big your business is. Our team can help you configuring the right components to communicate and integrate with your existent solutions.

How does it works?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) can most easily be explained as GPS for indoor locations. It is a technology that allows users to accurately pinpoint the location of people or assets inside a building using smartphone or other mobile devices.

Lookii is a new digital platform, which will enable retailers and organisations to take advantage of analytics about people flows within a closed area, such as a mall.

These tools can be of relevant help in supporting SMEs that would like to provide innovative services to their customers even with small budgets and little or no knowledge about the specific domain of indoor locations and marketing services.

Lookii extends the use of cheap bluetooth emitters so-called beacons. Those emitters send a BLE bluetooth signal that uniquely identifies the source location. However, due to its nature, bluetooth signal is really poor and susceptible to indoor constraints such as walls, doors and furnishings. Currently, the only solution to this problem is to increase the number of emitters in order to achieve a better signal reception. Whatever you are planning to install a whole new set of beacons or you want to improve the current installation with new beacons. Lookii is the right technology for you.

We started our assumptions observing that all existing indoor navigation systems use the received bluetooth signal strength as an hint about the distance. The distance estimate provided by the receiver is based on the ratio of the beacon signal strength (rssi) over the calibrated transmitter power (txPower).
We enriched the base signal depicted above, sending another nearly identical signal in which the calibrated transmit power is slightly different from the first one. The receiving smartphone will capture the two signals with different rssi from the same position, simultaneously. The difference between the two rssi over their calibrated transmit power is known a priori and gives us a qualitative and quantitative evaluation about the received signal and relative distance.

This information is used to correct and improve the results from a proprietary multilateral triangulation method used for final indoor location system that deliver our customers an awesome experience of indoor marketing for every needs.

 Initial market analysis on competitors reveals heterogeneity in terms of supply chain, prices and approaches. There are solutions in the beacons hardware sales market, like Estimote, that provides excellent emitters, but they lack of a user-friendly SDK platform to manage and organise them. SmartBeacon, instead, offers a platform for hardware and software management of the beacons, but they rely on third-party hardware emitters and do not offer an integrated platform to manage deals and flow analysis of customers.

All of the above systems, however, are missing both an integrated semantic analysis system for the anonymous treatment of user data as well as a management system to organise and create proximity deals and relevant tips for end users. Our platform deals with all the strengths and weaknesses observed, focusing on improving the technical aspects of indoor positioning, introducing at the same time a novelty tool for retailers to manage all aspects of the platform.



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